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But I’m still here and better than ever!

I’m done with my 3 months of phentermine and honestly, I could have stopped the last month because I found something amazing, better than any weight loss medication. It’s practically a miracle in itself and in the last month it’s changed my life forever.

Four weeks ago I discovered Primal/Paleo eating. I found a way to eat that feels natural and is 100% satisfying. I eat meat. Fatty, delicious meat. I eat fat, saturated fats. I don’t eat grains, legumes or sugars. In the first 2 weeks of the lifestyle change I lost 9 lbs! I haven’t lost any more than that in the last 2 weeks, but I’ve lost inches from my waist, arms, thighs and hips. I feel better than ever and my skin is gorgeous! My stomach is less bloated and no digestive issues. My joint pain is gone`and my mood has improved. I can’t believe the changes in myself in such a short time.

My husband and kids are eating Primal as well and they are all reaping the benefits as well! My husband who isn’t overweight at all, maybe only had an extra 8-10 lbs lost all of that in the same 2 weeks I lost all my weight. My kids are fuller longer and don’t beg for snacks every half an hour during the day.

I’m going to definitely start posting more on Primal/Paleo. I’m learning new recipes to keep my family on their toes. But honestly, we don’t get that bored eating this way. I eat things that I was always scared to eat before! I eat butter and fry things in coconut oil. I saute everything! I eat those fatty cuts of meat and bacon! BACON! Wonderful, beautiful bacon is perfectly healthy! Go figure! I’m never looking back. This is my life from here on out!

So this latest picture I posted, I haven’t lost any more weight…but I look better than that lost picture already! It’s insane how quickly your body changes when you’re eating the way your body is meant to eat. Inches are coming off and fat is being replaced with muscles!

So, keep your eyes out for recipes and links. Feel free to ask me questions because I’m passionate about this way of life and want to share it with all of you!

Final Results