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I’m a day late in posting my progress for the week, but it’s been a crazy week! Well, any week is a crazy week around here with homeschooling my 7 year old and running after my 1 year old. I also hurt my calf, a strain I think, so cardio has been hard to get in. I’ve only been able to do 2 days this week, but I did try and get in some extra strength training so that I wasn’t falling too far behind. My calf is starting to feel better after a week of trying not to do anything that makes it hurt, which is hard since it was hurting the most when I pushed off with the ball of my foot, so running as well as elliptical were totally out! The last two day I was able to alter the way I was pushing on my foot pedals of my elliptical and do my workout, yay!

So, with not being able to stick to my usual routine this last week I was nervous about my weigh in. Worry aside, I did weigh in of course 🙂 I lost 1.4 lbs this week!!! I’m so happy! I was scared I had gained, LOL! Current weight 158.4 lbs!

Starting weight: 171.4 lbs

Week 1 weight: 167.0 lbs

Week 2 weight: 163.2 lbs

Week 3 weight: 162.2 lbs

Week 4 weight: 159.8 lbs

Week 5 weight: 158.4 lbs

Pounds left to goal : 38.4