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Well, today marks one month since I started really taking my weight loss seriously. I was nervous for this day, scared of disappointing myself. But, I have to say that I am quite proud! I took a progress photo today, using my phone, and I can SEE the difference this month has made. Being able to see the difference is so much more gratifying than seeing the numbers on the scale go down. Those numbers really don’t mean much, they are just numbers. They don’t describe my character or define my life. What I see in the mirror is so much more important.

I’ve been able to see the changes in my body along the way, but they didn’t feel very dramatic until I looked at my pictures from this morning beside those from a month ago. My stomach is so much flatter! When I look at my face, my cheekbones are more defined, my neck is thinner and my collarbones are making an appearance. I can see muscle definition in my arms and calves and my thighs feel like rocks…cover in a thinner layer of fluff. But it’s working. I’m pushing hard and it’s paying off. This month has been hard work, but I look forward to it everyday. I look forward to sweating and feeling exhausted after a good workout. I look forward to feeling which muscles have gotten sore every morning. I can’t wait to see what this next month brings me!

Starting weight: 171.4 lbs

Week 1 weight: 167.0 lbs

Week 2 weight: 163.2 lbs

Week 3 weight: 162.2 lbs

Week 4 weight: 159.8 lbs 

Pounds left to goal : 39.8

11.6 lbs gone!