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Well, here it is, week three of my weightloss journey! I’ve been more motivated than I have been to lose weight. I’ve lost weight before; 2.5 years ago I lost 30 lbs and I was pretty motivated, but I’m more so now. I know that once it’s gone, it’s gone for good! I’m not having any more babies and I won’t allow myself to get where I am now again.

I haven’t been looking forward to weighing in this week. I could tell in the mirror that I’m shrinking and when I put certain clothes on they are looser than normal, but I also knew that I would also have an untimely visit from Aunt Flo. She’s not a good one to have around when you’re weighing. I contemplated not weighing and my husband agreed that would be the best idea so I wouldn’t get discouraged, but I also felt that I had to weigh anyways because I’m trying to set myself up in a consistent routine and I didn’t want to get lax about it. So I did weigh,  I just kept telling myself not to expect much and even be prepared for a gain.

But, before I reveal what my weight was, let’s rewind to last Friday (Oh, no…now I’m going to have Katy Perry stuck in my head!). When I weighed on Thursday it wasn’t a typical morning, I hadn’t gone to bed till late and I woke up too early. I know my body well and I knew that both of these things play a role in water retention for myself. But I weighed anyways. Well, on a whim a weighed a gain Friday morning and to my pleasant surprise I had actually lost more than I thought! That brought my Week 2 weight to 163.2! Woot!

Ok, so now back to this mornings weight in. The scale read 162.2. One pound down this last week. But let’s remember, Aunt Flo came by this morning. I have felt that I look as if I’ve lost weight this week, so I’m taking the pound and expecting to see a huge lose next Thursday. In the end, I think it’s best that I went ahead a weighed in, I’ll be able to see my body’s weight trend during that time of month so that I won’t let it discourage me.

Well, I’m off to eat my salad! I had an amazing workout today! An hour and fifteen minutes on the elliptical!

Starting weight: 171.4 lbs

Week 1 weight: 167.0 lbs

Week 2 weight: 163.2 lbs

Week 3 weight: 162.2 lbs 

Pounds left to goal : 42.2