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I know, they look funny, but these shoes are seriously amazing! I’ve been wearing VB’s for close to a year now and I don’t know how I ever wore “normal” running shoes!

I’ve never been a fan of shoes other than flip flops and even then I mostly go barefoot. I like my feet to be free, I like to feel the ground under my feet. It makes me feel balanced. Vibram Fivefingers gives you that barefoot feel while still protecting your feet from sharp objects while you’re working out, playing in the yard with your kids or running errands.

Going barefoot while exercising, walking, running, etc. also uses different muscles that you’re not normally using when wearing bricks…I mean tennis shoes…on your feet. So you get the added benefit of working out extra muscle groups just by wearing a barefoot style shoe!

It takes some time initally to get used to them, but after  you’ve adjusted you’ll start to notice that things like foot, knee and back pain seem to disappear! I swear it’s magic! When you actually let your foot work the way it was designed to work all of these problems that were created by wearing foot “supporting” shoes vanishes. You foot doesn’t need arch supports or extra padding seen in traditional shoes, it just needs to be allowed to work as it was always intended to work, bare.

Love these things!!!